Our Programs

In Spark-Up, you can join pre-incubation, incubation, and post-incubation programs in which you can develop your enterprise from the ideation stage to corporatization and maturity.


In this program for entrepreneurs at an early stage of their enterprise, the aim is to develop the business idea or business model of potential entrepreneurs who have promising business ideas for the enterprises. At this stage, the incubation center presents these entrepreneurs with training, guidance, and networking opportunities so that they can prepare themselves to confirm their project ideas, enhance their business plans, build their teams, and initiate their enterprises. This stage also includes market research and feasibility works in order to ascertain the feasibility of business ideas.



In this program offered for enterprises that completed their corporatization, you can obtain support for the growth of your enterprise. This stage includes a series of services, sources, and support mechanisms to help the selected enterprises grow and scale their businesses. These services, sources, and support mechanisms include office space, training for product and business development, commercial consulting services, legal and accounting support, and access to industry specialists and consultants. The incubation center also provides networking opportunities so that startups can improve their products, services, and business strategies, access to financing, investor meetings, training workshops, acceleration camps, and other sources.



In this stage, entrepreneurs leave the incubation center and enter into the larger business world. The incubation center supports the growth and development of enterprises. It provides support to enterprises so that they can reach financing, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other sources that will help them enhance their market strategies, scale their businesses, and reach their goals.