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Türk Telekom Ventures'ın yürüttüğü hızlandırma programı Pilot'un 12. dönem girişimleri belli oldu. Türkiye'nin teknoloji üreten ve ihraç eden ülke olma hedefine katkıda bulunarak girişimcilik ekosistemini güçlendirmeyi amaçlayan Pilot programında Spark Up TEKMER girişimlerinden Hardal da yer alacak.

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The BİLGİ Spark Up TEKMER training sessions have started.

Spark Up, aiming to accelerate the incubation processes of entrepreneurs, continues to guide member startups at the most critical points where they may need support, ranging from legal matters to finance and marketing to investment processes, with leading figures in the field.

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BİLGİ Spark Up TEKMER applications are ongoing

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Sosyal Medya hesaplarımızı takip ediyor musunuz?

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Welcome to our incubation center, designed to support and foster the growth of beginners and entrepreneurs. Our facility at Beylikdüzü is waiting for you to provide everything you may need in order to turn your innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Our incubation center provides a collaborative and supportive environment where entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, access valuable resources and guidance, and make use of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. We offer you various programs and services that you can benefit from, whether you are at the first stages of your enterprise or you would like to scale your business.

Our facility has various flexible working areas, including private offices fitted with high-speed internet, advanced technology, comfortable furniture, shared working areas, and meeting rooms. We also provide access to mentorship and coaching programs, legal and financial services, marketing and branding support, and much more.
In our incubation center, we believe that collaboration and building a community are necessary for achievement. For this reason, we encourage our members to share their experiences, build networks with other entrepreneurs, and participate in activities and workshops on a regular basis. Our team is devoted to providing personalized support and guidance and helping you overcome the challenges of starting and developing a business.
Join our incubation center today and take your first step to realize your entrepreneurial dreams. We are thrilled to invite you to our community of innovators and changemakers.